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A Message from Linda Weise, Creator and Producer

The Journey and the Inspiration

Thank you for sharing your child’s life journey with us here at Simple Gift Series.

We don’t take your trust lightly and want you to know that we are humbled and grateful by your bringing this music, stories, and learning into your lives. We can only hope that we bring joy and shared life experiences now that will last a lifetime.

Linette Perschke, Linette Weise

Music and Literacy – They Belong Together!

Linette Weise, Simple Gift Series, Team Early Childhood Expert

Welcome to Simple Gift Series. Thank you for trusting and believing in us and coming along as a member! Your decision will have a huge impact on your child, children or classroom, as well as your whole family! Children are interactive learners who learn through play, and Simple Gift Series allows for just that! It is a journey that will not only open your mind to the benefits of the arts and its relation to literacy development, but this membership experience will also open your heart to the joy of making music.

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A Ukulele Lesson with Miss Linda

Music 101 with Tripp

The Music Staff, Notes and Rests, and Time Signatures

A Special Thank You To Our Founding Members!

  • Aram Benyamin

  • Becky Medved

  • Cathy & Bart Holaday

  • Colorado Springs Conservatory

  • Eve Tilley-Chavez

  • Heather Carroll

  • Judy Mackey

  • Kathleen Ricker

  • Kelsey Nolan

  • Kristie Bender and BJ Carey

  • Libby Rittenberg

  • Lori Bellingham

  • Marvin Boyd

  • Mike Callicrate

  • Rachel Fagnant

  • Stephannie Fortune

  • Tony Lewis

  • Trudi and Nicholas Pruett

  • Wynne Palermo

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