Linette Weise

Linette Weise

Linette is passionate about helping all children find the beauty within themselves through love, acceptance, exploration, and understanding of our natural world.

With over 30 years in education, Linette has worked in schools, home-based settings, one on one tutoring, and community settings. She specializes in parent advocacy for parents of children with intellectual and developmental disabilities.


Linette is the founder and director of Love to Learn tutoring which offers free tutoring to all Preschool – Grade 12 students in the Colorado Springs Community. She is foster certified and provides respite to caregivers of children with intellectual and developmental disabilities, and is also a lead program mentor at the Colorado Springs Conservatory in the early childhood and special needs programs.

Linette holds a bachelor’s degree in early childhood and elementary education as well as a masters in special education. Linette’s work with the Simple Gift Series Team has been a true gift as she watches first hand the positive transformative power that music, singing, dancing, and reading have on the whole child and brain development.

She believes music and early literacy are something all caretakers and schools need to tap into starting at the youngest age possible.

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