Ian Gregory

Ian Gregory

Additionally, in 2020, he began teaching guitar, recording arts and drums at the Colorado Springs Conservatory.  Ian enjoys working with students of all ages, but has a special place in his heart for the teenagers.

 In his free time, you might find him with a guitar or bass in hand and often performing with local bands including Juannah and CC and the Silhouettes. He enjoys cooking and trying to learn how to speak Spanish, both of which he does at a very mediocre level. You may find him serving wine and fondue in the Mona Lisa Wine Cellar some Sundays as well so stop in and say hi!

Ian Gregory is a music producer and multi-instrumentalist who lives in Colorado Springs.

Along with his brother Justin, he runs 1116 Studios, a local hub for creativity and collaboration. Together, they have produced and collaborated with many artists including Dylan Montayne, Juannah, Grayson Erhard, Nick Pauly and Chantil Dukart. He has worked alongside Bourbon Street Productions doing sound editing and mixing for various clients including the United States Olympic Committee and Pikes Peak Community College.

Ian Gregory

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