In these times of COVID, the SGS team heard it loud and clear; “create a portion of the show to get the kids out and about.” We heard this from parents, teachers, community leaders- everyone recognized that the children needed to go somewhere outside of their own homes- even if it were only through a screen.   So we created the ‘Curiosity Corner’ with Miss Linette.   We ended up creating so much more-  yes, out and about adventures AND an opportunity to inspire and think outside the box and some….. 

“Have you ever been curious about……” is how Miss Linette starts each segment.  As I thought about writing this blog entry, it struck me that perhaps part of the beauty of this segment is that it forces all of us adults to slow down and consider what it actually takes to be ‘curious’….truly ‘curious’.  Breaking down a thought or thing  to the most basic of elements as to how something works or where a thought may have come from. 

When did we lose that curious slant and start assuming all is in place- ‘Just because’ or even worse- for our own personal benefit?  When I think about this side of the ‘Curiosity Corner’ I realize we all take so much for granted.  We really do have it so easy. 

Take the BUILD episode segment at the Switchbacks stadium in downtown Colorado Springs. My goodness, the site, the machines, the people, the infrastructure, the materials….so very much and ultimately we just show up to attend the game.  Have you ever been curious about what it took to even bring something like that from thought to plan to fruition?  So many people, so much time, so many challenges to over come- the sheer will of it all.  

So think about it….the home you are living in, the road you drive on, the car you drive in, the shirt on your back….think about it.  Everything we come in contact with should inspire curiosity.

Here we are – tasked with the idea of instilling curiosity in our child’s world.  Why not reignite that very sense in ours? Have fun with that will you?  

Have you ever been curious about the computer I am writing this piece on?  And on and on and on…..

Stay Curious!