New Corners Coming 2022!
Season 3 Corners

Here’s some of the Curiosity Corner’s we will be visiting in Season 3!

Cheyenne Mountain Resort
Cog Railroad & Summit House
Bees & Hives
The Bank
Plein Aire Art
Falconry at the Broadmoor
Broadmoor Dental
Olympic Museum Bridge & Royal Gorge Bridge
Opera Voice Lesson
Colorado Springs Airport
Olympic Training Center
Rocky Mountain PBS

Season 2 Corners

Garden Of The Gods

We visit the Garden Of The Gods.

Garden of the Gods

Curiosity Corner The Farm

Making A Meal

We cook up some fun with Miss Linda.

Surprising Recycling;

We learn about how water & electronics get recycled.

Colorado Springs Utilities

Blue Star Recyclers

Curiosity Corner Broadmoor Chocolate Kitchen

The Chocolate Kitchen

We visit the Broadmoor’s Chocolate Kitchen.

Curiosity Corner Bemis School of Art

The Pottery Studio

We learn about pottery at the Bemis School of Art.

Bemis School of Art

Curiosity Corner Cleaning

Taking Care of Home

We learn how to take care of our home

A Trip to New York

We travel through New York City using all kinds of transportation.

Curiosity Corner Winter at the Barn

Winter at the Barn

We visit  Miss Linette’s barn in the winter.

Curiosity Corner The Pioneers Museum

The Pioneers Museum

We visit the Pioneers Museum.

Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum 

Curiosity Corner Colorado Springs Utilities

Energy & Electricity

We  find out how electricity is made.

Curiosity Corner The Pikes Peak Center

Backstage at a Theatre

We visit the  Pikes Peak Center and go backstage.

Pikes Peak Center

Curiosity Corner Fix it

Let’s Fix It

We think about different ways to fix things.

Curiosity Corner WWII Aviation Museum

Airplanes at the Museum

We visit the National Museum of World War II Aviation to look at lots of airplanes.

National Museum of World War II Aviation

Season 1 Corners

The Greenhouse

Miss Linette shows us her greenhouse.

Curiosity Corner The Farm

The Farm

Miss Linette shows us her farm.

The Zoo – Baby Animals

We go to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo to visit some baby animals.

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

Dewey the Waterdrop

We meet Dewey and learn all about water at the Colorado Springs Conservation & Environmental Center.

Colorado Springs Utilities

Go on a Hike

We go on a hike through nature

The Zoo – Amphibians

Miss Linette visits some amphibian friends.

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

Meeting a Conductor

Miss Linette visits Maestro Wilson.

Visiting the Vet Hospital

Miss Linette tells us about going to the Veterinarian.

Village Center Veterinary Clinic

The Museum

Miss Linette visits the United States Olympic & Paralympic Museum.

United States Olympic & Paralympic Museum

Another Trip to the Farm

Miss Linette shows us more of her farm friends.

A Fancy Meal

Miss Linette takes some friends to The Penrose Room