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How old should my child be when they begin to watch Simple Gift Series?

The development of this programming and curriculum was meant for a child’s most formative years- birth through 7.  Elements of each of the following benchmarks and milestones are delivered in each episode and are present in the curriculum throughout the site: cognitive, language, motor and social emotional.  During COVID-19, we have witnessed the most success if entire families are participating- yes, most parents learn quite a bit as they go as well!

Where did this program come from?

This program was created and developed at the Colorado Springs Conservatory led by the CSC founder, Linda Weise.  This is the culmination of 26 years of teaching, creating, delivering on site programming for children birth through 7.  The deliverables of the early childhood program allow all participating students to be ready, skilled and informed for continued learning at the CSC in the Core and Company programs.  Over the years, this program has been molded by experts in special education, early childhood, epidemiology, arts education and general education.

I am not versed in musical training. Will that deter my child from learning?

Absolutely not!  In fact, you will find yourself learning right alongside your child.  The program is designed to do just that.  This is a participatory program for children and caretakers alike.

What is best way to encourage singing the songs outside of the episodes or classes?

The joy of singing is contagious and encouraging in and of itself.  You will hopefully find yourself singing about everything and doing it everywhere.  As you become familiar with the curriculum of Simple Gift Series, you will come to learn we have created a song to go with just about everything- around the house, with my friends, animals, activities, numbers, letters, colors- you name it.  You will find yourself doing the same.  Learning the ukulele along with your child brings that much more pleasure and fun to any experience. 

Is this the only place to find the story and song books?

Right now, yes, it is.

Is this the only place to find the story and song books?

Right now, yes, it is.

Why should I pay for access to this site?

This is an investment in your child’s education.  The content is so rich and we hope to be so accessible that you would never question having to spend at minimum $25/month.