What we are all seeing with our children during these times of COVID

There is an underlying theme to every parent’s life right now; “I am so tired of all things COVID- the restrictions, the confusion, being a home, teaching at home, staying ‘safe’, the isolation, zoom fatigue…..and on and on.

If this is how you feel, imagine how your child must feel.  I am not going to claim to be any expert in child psychology by any means and there is plenty of information out there around dealing with the anxiety of these time both for yourself and your family members.  I just know what I see and hear firsthand as I teach and work alongside parents, community partners, and well- most importantly, the children.  Granted the littlest students can’t say much – but you can see if in their eyes and faces (when they are not masked up).   Everyone is anxious right now to some degree. 

Here’s what I do know- the more that we can recognize that our own fatigue and anxiety translates to our children, the more it will affect them- now most certainly and no telling what the long term impact will be – so I would like to propose the following- best you can:


Focus on the simplest of life’s gifts. These are things that we are profoundly gifted to do are sometimes the things we just plain forget we possess.

  1. Breath:  Just breath.  If our children can see us focus on just that, they will in turn stay calm
  1. Smile:  Whenever we are not masked up.  Look at your child and smile.  Get your face out of your phone. Stop reading about things that are useless and quite frankly, probably exacerbating our anxiety and look at your child and smile.
  1. Sing To Your Child:  Your voice and the lovely melodies that you can create are a blessing and will no doubt impact your child in the most magical of ways.  Sing about how much you love them, how fantastic they are, how much fun it is just to be together- anything.  Just sing!
  1. The Power of Touch:  Hold their hand, caress their head, hug them- the power of touch is undeniably one of the most intentional ways we can confirm that all is well in their world.  Again, I might suggest you let go of the phone and hang onto your child. 

All of this sounds so simple- yet I am witness hundreds of times a day to the neglect of these very basic elements of what it means to be human.  No doubt, the world is running rampant around us; agreed.  But there is only so much that is within our power to change all that.  What is in our power is the ability to ensure that your child’s world is one of love and grace- it’s so simple.