Happy New Year! 

Will be a fantastic year.  2020 taught us so much and shared so many blessings.  We truly learned the meaning of “find the silver lining.”

And here we are- on the doorstep of a new year full of new adventures.  I am not one for formal ‘resolutions’ as I work so hard to set those each day- connecting with myself as the hours move along.  I do though choose a letter each year and focus on positive attributes that start with that letter and make a conscious effort to celebrate them each day, constantly reminding myself of those words, the emotions attached to those words and the actions that I can put behind and around them…

For instance- the letter C- Creative, Celebrate, Calm, Contemplate, Connected, Confident, Courageous, Certain, Committed, Clarity- you get the idea.  It has served me well over the years- just that daily reminder of a strong and positive word to guide me through each day. 

So, I think- why not do that with your child….maybe a letter every two weeks.  That way you are getting through the year with a simple way to not only get to know the alphabet but assemble a list of notable words for your child to build their constitution- HA- yet another good ‘C’ word.

Let’s start with A and B-  place the letters in a place where they can be seen and noticed often- on the fridge, in their bedroom.  Then create note cards with one or two words a week that start with those words and create a way to begin the process of positive affirmations for your child. 

  1. Awesome, Artistic
  2. Beautiful, Bold……and so on.

Two letters a week- I can only imagine the power behind such a shared exercise.  Have Fun!